Retirement Planning




The goal of retirement planning is to have the ability to live the lifestyle of your choosing when you actually decide to retire. This looks different for everyone. For some, it may mean having enough money to travel. For others, it may mean putting the grandchildren through college, creating an endowment to a favorite charity, or time to play golf a few times a week. 

Retirement planning starts long before actual retirement. By creating a financial plan now, we can help you make financial decisions along the way to help you achieve those dreams – regardless of what they are. Our practice focuses on wealth growth, management, and conservation. Our mission is to help our clients reach their financial and lifestyle goals through the process of making a financial plan that makes sense to the individual and then by implementing and managing that plan. By focusing on long-term financial planning rather than product sales or transactions, we can help you manage your finances and investments in a way that is best for you. Once retirement is attained, we help you manage your funds to ensure you will continue to live your lifestyle for a lifetime, knowing your finances are being managed to also help provide for an unforeseen emergency or health circumstance.

Ferris Wheel Finance, Inc. is a fee-based, independent financial planning and investment advisory firm, which means we are compensated for the work and advice we provide to our clients. Our fees for financial planning services are determined on an individual basis and will be charged as quoted at the beginning of the process.  If you are a MA resident, please click here to see our fee table. Integrity and education are the pillars of our business practices. We take the time you need to completely understand why we make certain recommendations in your plan, what your money is doing for you, and what options you have.